Sakshi Patel: A Pillar of Support in the Spiritual Journey Towards Global Transformation

Dashrathbhai Atmaramdas Patel, affectionately known as “Bapuji,” emerges as a beacon of spiritual wisdom in contemporary times. Despite his preference for a life of solitude, Bapuji has dedicated his existence to the pursuit of Absolute truth and divine knowledge. An embodiment of the philosophy of “Sarva Dharma Sadbhava,” he transcends religious boundaries and envisions a world liberated from suffering “Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam”.(

From an early age, Bapuji harbored dreams of transforming the world, delving into not only Vedic and Upanishadic wisdom but also exploring astral science, paranormal psychology, and various religions. In 1997, he established the “Vishwa Parivartak Ishwariya Vidyalaya” (World Changing Godly House of Learning) in Chenpur village, Ahmedabad serving as a hub for spiritual seekers.

Philosophy and Discourses

Bapuji’s teachings encompass a vast array of topics, ranging from the creation of earth, humans, galaxies, universes and ancient aliens, UFO, Pyramids ( to the secrets of Subtle world, Shiva, Ram, Krishna and future of the world. He has realised the unseen infinite dimensions through divya drishti during meditation, downloaded divine information and made divine revelations beyond this Solar system, deep diving into the realms of life after death (, astral projection, Time travel (, Akashic records, 3D to 5D shift and many such unheard mysteries of the multiverse.

Through his official YouTube channel, Bapuji shares his discourses, unraveling the profound knowledge he has gained during Samadhi Avastha (meditative state).

Life Purpose and Mission

Bapuji asserts that the Almighty Authority guides him to witness the boundless universes, stars, galaxies, and the world beyond human comprehension. His mission is to bring forth the pure, luminous energy of the Absolute Authority to the multiverse, catalyzing a complete eternal transformation where there is no cycle of life and death.

The official website serves as a repository of Bapuji’s teachings, focusing on infinite knowledge, supreme peace (Paramshanti), and the transformation of the Earth into a divine spiritual realm (Amarlok).

Transition of Leadership

In pursuit of Bapuji’s grand vision, his son, Anant Patel, has assumed leadership of the organization. Popularly known as Anantbhai, he transitioned from a successful career as an Advocate & Income Tax Consultant to a motivational speaker, life coach, and spiritual counselor.

Sakshi Patel: A Pillar of Support in the Spiritual Journey

An integral part of this spiritual odyssey is Sakshi Patel, wife of Anant Patel. Her unwavering support and collaboration with Anantbhai reflects a harmonious partnership in spreading the divine wisdom imparted by Bapuji Dashrathbhai Patel. Sakshi Patel plays a pivotal role in supporting the mission of global transformation.

Sakshi Patel can be followed on Instagram ( where her journey towards self-realization and spiritual growth is shared with the global community. On her Youtube channel Paramshanti meditation and motivation ( she conducts daily live guided meditation sessions between 5:30 am to 6:30 am, wherein connection with pure energy of Almighty Authority is experienced collectively. She has also offered a free 10-hour Spiritual Course for beginners, as an attempt to summarise Bapuji’s vast knowledge from basic enquiry of Who am I? culminating into Ultimate soul ascension transcending solar systems and multiverses. (

Anantbhai’s Spiritual Journey

Anantbhai conducts daily live YouTube programs between 10pm to 11pm on the Bapuji Dashrathbhai Patel channel, offering spiritual guidance, meditation sessions, and discussions on a wide range of topics including Sanatan Shastras ( His efforts gained momentum during the 2020 pandemic, where he addressed the spiritual needs of a world grappling with fear and uncertainty. He also airs shows on channel Spiritual Podcast with Anant (, wherein divine souls share their spiritual experiences to inspire humanity. Anantbhai has recently featured on Real Talk Clips podcast ( and Be You with Param podcast ( to spread spiritual awareness amongst humans about the eternal questions “Who am I?, 84 lakh yoni, Swarg Lok, Why suffering? Why life and death?

Life in Multiverse – A Collaborative Book

Anant Patel, along with his wife Sakshi Patel, has authored the book ‘Life in Multiverse,’ ( available in multiple languages, English version ( The book encapsulates Bapuji’s teachings, explaining the concept of multiverse, creation of infinite dimensions, black holes, correlation between time, space and speed, dark matter, God particle and significance of becoming Atmaswarup (the transformative potential within each individual) and impact of Paramshanti vibrations.

Reaching Millions Through Online Platforms

With over 625k subscribers on Bapuji Dashrathbhai Patel’s YouTube channel, Anantbhai’s daily live programs have garnered widespread popularity, totaling 1077 episodes to date. The programs cover spiritual topics from Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas reconciled with Bapuji’s Behad gyan, motivational discussions, and insights into the scientific aspects of spirituality, connecting ancient Sanatan wisdom with modern science.

A Spiritual Journey for Global Transformation

Anantbhai’s mission is rooted in the vision of self-realization and the manifestation of one’s divinity through the vibrations of Paramshanti. His commitment to nourishing souls through daily meditation, spiritual podcasts, and the pursuit of transformation of Multiverse through supreme peace continues to inspire individuals worldwide.


Explore the virtual sanctuary of, where the teachings of the revered Bapuji Dashrathbhai Patel unfold. This website is your digital haven, inviting you to discover infinite knowledge, supreme peace, and the transformative magic of spiritual wisdom. Dive into a wealth of resources, including free downloads of books like “Our Alien Connection” and “Anant koti Brahmandon ka Mahakal Pralay.” It’s an open invitation to self-discovery, guiding you through the corridors of profound insights that illuminate the path to inner transformation. Unveil the mysteries of the cosmic order and find the guiding light of supreme peace as you explore the transformative power inherent in spiritual wisdom. is not just a website; it’s your companion on the journey to a spiritually attuned existence, echoing the teachings of Bapuji in simple words and guiding you through the landscapes of your spiritual odyssey.

About Anant Patel 

Anant Patel, also known as Anantbhai, is a leading spiritual speaker, life coach, and the torchbearer of Bapuji’s vision. His live programs on YouTube, insightful discussions, and motivational talks have touched the lives of millions, fostering a global community dedicated to spiritual growth.

About Sakshi Patel

Sakshi Patel, wife of Anant Patel, plays a pivotal role in supporting the mission of global transformation. Her presence and collaboration with Anantbhai reflects a harmonious partnership in spreading the divine wisdom imparted by Bapuji Dashrathbhai Patel.

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